Got a question?

We've done our best to answer any question you could have about the new TP Group Portal and about what's happening with old features Trademate below.

If you have any other questions, please phone or email our customer service team on 0330 123 3846 or customerservice@travisperkins.co.uk

What happened to the other features from trademate?


For the first stage of the TP Group Portal the only features from trademate that were pulled over were the Trade Authorisation Cards and the Visa/Debit Maintenance.

Other features that were previously available via Trademate, unfortunately, are no longer accessible from a group perspective. A lot of the features offered, however, are currently available on each brands' website.   

How do I access old features from trademate now?

These are now available via our Branded websites, for more details please visit the website of the brand you wish to trade through.

Will any more of the features on Trademate be coming to the portal?

There are no plans for this to happen at the moment although we will be reviewing this periodically.

How do I get access to my companies accounts now?


These are now available via our Branded websites, or by contacting Credit Services via your Credit Controller. 

How do I get access to different features in the portal?


Access is set by your Group Portal administrator, who is able to delegate access options to users as required

How do I request additional Trade Authorisation Cards?

Contact your Account Manager who will arrange these for you

How do I add a new Trade Authorisation Card?


Trade Authorisation Cards that have been allocated to your account will be visible on the Trade Authorisation Card section on the Group Portal. You can select and then edit the card you wish to allocate

How do I register a Credit Card?


From the Group Portal, select the Credit/Debit Card Maintenance option and then select the Add new card option. You will then be able to input the card details and register the card.

How do I link a new account to my existing accounts?


This will be done via our Customer services team 

I can't see an account within my list of existing accounts

Contact your account administrator who delegates access to accounts